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British Natural Strongman Federation Southern Qualifying round.
there were some heavy incredibly weights being lifted and some serious action as the contenders for the this strongman competition went head to head. A fantastic event to attend.


This has been my passion for many years, I have dedicated many hours to racing, training and encouraging others. I have made some amazing friends and met some outstanding people through this tough sport.. one day I shall return (but don’t hold your breath.. I am currently eating all the pies ; ) heh heh!)



Aerial Art

This new up and coming discipline is beginning to attract many people whether it be for general fitness or competition. There will be more to come, so watch this space!


My interest in rowing grew from having shared a house with one of Britain’s rowing champions many years ago. The dedication that she showed to the sport was amazing and her enthusiasm for performance encouraged me to improve my cycling performance whilst I was in poor condition… personally I think it was just to get me out of the house so she could steal my food!