What's on

Whats going on in my photography world?
Well have a look at the special events that are currently lined up:

December 2016- Feb 2017 -  a bit of a break, but working on a few small projects.. mainly baby or product related!!

November 2016 - Staying with the Maternity theme and further bump shoots, I am now also going to begin to revisit the world of newborn photography for my next projects.

October 2016 - Bump Photography. This has been an opportunity to get back in the studio and work on some more creative images involving a maternity theme. 

September 2016 - The opportunity to work on my landscape and seascape photography taking in the wonderful scenery of Cornwall's Readymoney Cove and Fowey.

August 2016 - The Zoo! A day out to the Cotswold Wildlife Park was the perfect opportunity to have another play with the newly acquired 'Big Lens'  although capturing a young peregrine falcon at full hunting speed is a lot more of a challenge than expected!

August 2016 - Hotel shoot at the Lyrath - Ireland

July 2016 - Wildlife! Ok I know this is a change from the old routine but I have just acquired a lens as long as your arm and I am just getting used to using it! The results from the first few shoots have been pretty spectacular considering the unexpected learning curve with this style of photography. I now have a new respect for thse who lay in a field all day waiting for the perfect wildlife shot.

June 2016 - the start of the whisky session shoots. a series of shots building on the different technical approaches to shoting products (in this case a number of fine whiskies!). This is an ongoing project which I hope to continualy build on as I slowly work my way through different malts!

May 2016 - Playing with coffee beans. An opportunity to capture moving objects and an exercise in timing to capture the splash of coffee. All of this is then bundled in to otaining the right light to also shoot the steam coming from teh hot coffee. Quite an indepth technical shoot with a little magic at the end! 

April 2016 - OK its time to unleash some projects... get in contact if you want to be part of what is to come!.. Today is YOUR day!

April 2016 - Preparation for a few competition images.. 'Mausoleum' and 'Steely Model part 2' on their way!

March 2016 - Well I am finally getting back in to my stride.. a good shoot in early March and some small projects brewing has awoken the senses a little. Look out for some new images coming soon!

February 2016 - well it is still 'Pie Season' so welcome to my pie factory .. Your Royal Pieness!

Well January 2016 has been a quiet time on the photography front, just taking stock of what is going on and how to progress. I have a few projects in mind so if anyone fancies joining in please feel free to get in contact

December - Just Messin Wit Ma Head - another tutorial session resulting in a  bit of a disturbing image!

December - the last of 2015! - Crafty Canine Captures - a few snaps of some friends dogs whilst waiting for breakfast.

November - Desktop Studio Tutorial results - the creation of something magical

November - Rebranding time! Yes its time for a refreshing change. New images ahead!

October 2015 - Halloween shoot and the creation of the 'The Pugnacious Mr. White' Who will remain our photo of the fortnight until we have got a little further with updating the website.

September - The creation of 'The Blue Bottle' a tutorial to demonstrate how to shoot creatively and use composites to create an outstanding image.

August 2015- tour of the Balkans - Images on their way....

July 2015 - An opportunity to test out some new kit in a couple of test shoots Mrs Odjobb and a bold new look with hair and make up

July 2015 - Another business profile shoot 

Lou and Martin's Finest Nottingham wedding - images coming soon!

June 2015 - some more business profile work to provide some regulars with some fresh new shots. Images added to the corporate portrait area

May 2015 - A shoot at the natural history museum

April 2015 - the Germans come to town.. a fantastic opportunity to entertain our visitors

March 2015 - ReFashion Show - the third year I have covered this fantastic, low cost approach to fashion encouraging the recycling of materials. - Images coming soon.

Feb 2015 - Icelandic taster - a few fantastic shots of nature from the Iceland tour - images coming soon

Feb 2015 - Avenue Parisienne Fashion Show - Parisienne Designer shows off her latest work for all to see at an exclusive local event. 

Dec 2014 - Baby Bump Shoot on the beach - fun and games on the sand in absolutely epic weather conditions! - Images coming soon.

Dec 2014 - Corporate portrait shoot part 2! A few slightly more serious profile images for the lucky few. The success of teh first shoot was so high they wanted a second one. - Images here!

Dec 2014 - Newborn shoot 

Nov 2014 - Photography techniques workshop – teaching those new to photography the basics of how to shoot

Nov 2014 - Corporate portrait shoot, a few slightly more serious profile images for the lucky few. 

Oct 2014 - We have a wedding at Henley Town Hall. Images here

Aug 2014 - Wedding celebrations again, although this time it was part 2 of the party.

Aug  2014- Wedding time! Only shooting as a guest on this occassion but still some good images were created. 

July 2014 - Couples shoot: Some fun in the sun down at the lakes!
Images now up!

June 2014 - Oxford University Salsa Society shoot at the Ashmolean Museum..images now up!

June 2014 - Starticles! The airing of a brand new start up company's clothing.

June 2014 - British Natural Strongman Federation Southern qualifier. Images from the qualifying round. Only one from each class made it to the final. Images here

Test shooting, everything from picnics to portraits images coming soon

The new camera and lens has finally arrived....!
Now taking bookings for test shoots if anyone is interested.
Contact: dchittendenphotography@ymail.com for more information. 

March - Four sessions in one weekend, two shoots a tutorial and a test .. very productive and images from these are finally here

March - Toddler photoshoot, one very messy todler runs riot.. images coming ....once we have tidied up! 

yes.. well that took a long time...

March photoshoot with 'dancing diva' Kata and her new dress.
Photos Now up

February - Oxford ReFashion 2014 a repeat of the fashion show which uses recycled clothing.. images coming soon!

1st January 2014 -Baby shoot and Family shoot. An opportunity to get 2 sessions from one shoot.

15th December  - Helen and Douglas House Santa Run.
I will again be one of the official photographers for this fantastic festive spirited charity event. If you are running this year and find your image on the website, please feel free to get in contact for a copy.  
 images are up ..  

July - November 2013
Ok we shall be taking a small break.. I have a just started on a BIG project which means the website will take a back seat for a while... Hopefully be with you again soon!

8th June: Rom and Sandra’s wedding

A fantastically French occassion set in a wonderfully English village.

May: Annie at the Manor

Another collaborative photoshoot with a professional model. This time at a beautiful old manor house. 

April ‘Longing for my betrothed’

Theme: A wedding dress photoshoot depicting a bride to be waiting for her loved one to arrive.

Shot on location.

March Studio Photoshoot (Date to be confirmed)

There will be a small group photoshoot to practice techniques and lighting, Suggestions for themes and concepts welcome.


Please get in contact if you would like to be part of this event

Email: dchittendenphotography@ymail.com

February – Couples Photoshoot 

An opportunity for couples to get some lovely studio images.


Email: dchittendenphotography@ymail.com

Please get in contact if you would like to be part of this event

26th January – One to One Photoshoot

An introduction to the world of photoshoots for one lucky ladyl.

This will be an opportunity to provide a relaxed atmosphere whilst concentrating on acquiring some quality images on a one to one basis.

Images now up

Photoshoot - 19th January

There will be a photoshoot for a small group on 19th January, suggestions for themes and concepts welcome.


Please get in contact if you would like to be part of this event.

email: dchittendenphotography@ymail.com


Images now up

14th Dec - Techniques session

A session working on capturing free flowing liquids and freezing their movement using basic photographic techniques and equipment.

images now up

11th January –Maternity Shoot

The last photoshoot opportunity for a ‘mum-to-be’ before her little boy enters the big wide world.


Images now up

9th Dec Helen and Douglas House Santa Run

See a whole load of athletic Santa's running for charity. I shall be one of the Official photographers for this event, so if you are running and you would like an image of yourself, please come and find me.

Images now up!

25th November - Santa Charity Dash:

A fun run around Oxford taking in  anumber of colleges on the way, all in aid of the Kenyan Orphan Project.

images now up


Random photography sessions (images coming soon).

Fashion Shoot


Photoshoot section to be added to the gallery page. Images from a few photoshoots that I have organised to be added soon.

21st October – Studio day

New dresses, new shoes, new ideas!

A private shoot organised for one lucky lady.


Images now up!

14th October: Stowe House 

Photographers outing


Images now up!

16thSeptember - Studio Day

Steam punk fashion shoot

Red dress Salsa shoot

Couples portraits


Images now up!