The Legal bit!

Now, we all know you are not going to read this but here it is anyway so I can patronise you later on for not reading it. All my work is covered by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. Put very simply, that means that I own copyright on all my work automatically.


There is no need for a model release. It is an offence for anyone other than me to use any image I sell you, for purposes other than those agreed, or to get someone else to print it for you. Trading Standards officers treat that as theft. I reserve the right to use my work for self-promotion, I will not use any work to defame you.

Models featured on this site are of legal age to do whatever they are doing.


I am happy to negotiate a usage license for any image that is available for further use i.e. I will charge a SENSIBLE fee. Any unauthorised usage discovered will be invoiced for DOUBLE that suggested by the  freelance fees guide for licensed usage. Non-payment will result in court action to recover the fee plus all costs.


Talk to me, I am nice really and it will be a lot cheaper!