About me

For me photography is something that I just fell in to after a rather nasty accident nearly 10 years ago. My dedication to the art was haphazard to start with. I had no money to spare and felt I was mocked by what seems to be a very elitist approach from many photographers.


However my perseverance managed to push through that barrier and allow me to begin learning more and meeting some very encouraging people, from there the obsession has grown. It is that sort of encouragement that has helped make this website a reality, so a big thanks to those people.. you know who are!


It is true photography can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be… you can make all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets to achieve the image you desire and there are plenty of people out there shooting without a big fancy dSLR, you just need drive and passion, unfortunately that won’t necessarily pay the bills! This is why for me it remains more of a hobby than a career.


I once heard someone say ‘the only way to make money from photography is to sell your camera’.

That line has stuck with me for quite some time now and the more I learn about photography the more I can understand the motivation behind the comment… photography isn’t a career… it’s a way of life!